Personalised Baby Blankets

Choosing a baby gift

It can be a difficult task to find the best gift for a new baby. Many parents of a new baby receive lots of gorgeous baby clothes, however often they are so busy getting used to their new routine that they simply do not get a chance to make use of all these lovely things as the baby is growing so fast. 

A great alternative gift is a personalised baby blanket which will be useful for a lot longer as the baby blanket will most certainly be retained as a precious keep-sake for many years to come. Our Baby Fleece Blankets are all designed and hand-made by Ger Collins and Eva Esteve at their studio in GalwayIreland. They are designed in a range of bright colors with lovely child friendly fabric appliqued motifs. 

The Baby's name or date of birth can be monogrammed onto the baby blanket to make it a unique personalised baby gift. The Baby Blanket is a versatile gift with many uses, for example they make an ideal christening gift, a beautiful colourful accessory for a nursery or a cosy extra layer when out for a walk in a pushchair or stroller. As all baby blankets are made to order in Ireland, we can personalise your baby’s blankets with traditional Irish language baby names to include the ‘fada’, for example Seán, Méadbh, Gráinne etc… If you need any help with the traditional spelling of Irish names, please let us know and we would be happy to advise. 

Most Popular baby names in Ireland for 2018

According to Baby Center, Emma and Liam are the most popular names for new-born babies in Ireland so far this year.